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Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show 2019

Getting a few trees ready for the ABS club show. It is next weekend at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Admission is free. You should really come.

First up is this Shimpaku Juniper. It got the last 2 years off, after being shown at the US National Bonsai Exhibition in 2016, and at the Carolina Bonsai Expo later the same year. In late 2018, I took it to Bjorn’s and we worked on it for a third time. It was repotted this spring, and allowed to grow for a couple months:

After removing some yellowing needles, adjusting pads and tidying up their undersides, a good pot cleaning, a little lime-sulfur on the deadwood, and new moss:

The pot is Gyouzan, the display table is by David Knittle. Accent is a variegated sage in a cheap blue hexagon pot on a DaSu slab.

Next up, this Japanese Black Pine originally styled with Peter Warren in 2011.

I removed just a few candles that were jutting out last the profile and wired a couple more out. Removed the top layer of soil, and cleaned up the pot.

Finally, applied a covering of moss. This will be the first time I’ve shown this tree. It’s probably a bit soon, but coming along.

The stand is by Jerry Braswell, and the accent is Erodium in an Ino pot in a DaSu slab.

Next up, is the Satsuki Azalea, ‘Kinsai’. This one is easy, trimmed the profile a bit before flowering started, and just tidy up the moss.

And after:

The pot is a Bunzan, stand by David Knittle, and the accent is thyme in a Joshu Shozan pot.

More from the show after next weekend.

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