Ginkgo pot selection

Just for fun, thought I’d try a few different pots for this 23-year old ginkgo from seed.

The current pot is a vintage Tokoname pot by Heian Kouso. It’s a good quality pot, fitting, but slightly small, and at times maybe a bit bright.

Left to right, yellow vintage Chinese, namako Tokoname by Shuho, unglazed rectangle Tokoname by Sanpo.

I went with the unglazed pot because I like how the strength compliments the trunk, and the unglazed container is more subdued to contrast with the chunky trunk and increasingly busy branch structure. Additionally, the roots grow remarkably strong each year, and this pot is slightly bigger.

Soil added:


And growing just a couple weeks later:

2 thoughts on “Ginkgo pot selection

  1. Nice tree and pot (my favorite was the yellow one btw)! I have a couple of 2 year-old Ginkgos from seed, guess I’m 21 years behind 🙂

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