Stewartia Update

I repotted the Stewartia this spring into a shallow container…maybe too shallow. But I think it will be ok. I wanted to correctly orient the tree so the new front would be, well, out front.

My short history of this tree spans about 16 months now. Here is a post on the collection through first styling:

New Front:


Freshly potted, checking the position:

Close-up of the base, which will be covered with sphagnum moss to retain moisture:

And watered in:

It really didn’t skip a beat.

And on May 1st, it was time to prune back and check wires.

Not biting in yet.

Directional pruning is particularly important in trees that grow in an alternating leaf Pattern. The grower can direct the next shoot’s direction by pruning and result in a more organized branch structure; something for which Stewartia are appreciated.

Prune at the red lines to direct future growth outward as shown by the blue arrows:

Like this:

And the end result for now:

3 thoughts on “Stewartia Update

  1. Hey there. Curious how this tree is handling the Alabama heat. I’ve heard mixed things and recently purchased one myself here in Central Texas. I think there’s a chance I might be in over my head climate-wise but wanted to hear your thoughts. Would love to hear back!

    1. Hey back. So far the Stewartia is doing great. I keep it in morning sun and mostly shade After about 9:00 AM, and it’s growing strongly. It was field-grown in central GA, so they can take some sun, at least in the ground. Best of luck, they’re a great species.

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