Ginkgo close-ups

I took a few shots of this tree just as fall color was starting to peek in. New posts coming soon, but for now enjoy some photos.

This is a ginkgo grown from seed I collected in 1997, making the tree 23 years old. It is about 18” tall, in a 13.5” wide Tokoname pot. I decided to try a masculine pot this year, hopeful it would be a nice match at fall, and a little larger to get through a year of typical massive root growth.

3 thoughts on “Ginkgo close-ups

  1. Very impressive!
    I started a batch of ginkgo seedlings almost 3 years ago but I’m a little stuck now. You don’t happen to have a step by step guide about how to get them to look like yours now do you? 🙂
    Like when and how to prune…
    Keep up the good work!

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