Japanese Black Pine winter work

Wired in 2019, repotted in March 2020, candle-pruned in July 2020. Here is how it looked in December 2020:

Time to clean up moss from the soil and lower trunk as well.

After pulling old needles, balancing strength by also pulling some new needles, and reducing shoots down to evenly-sized pairs. Upper part complete:

Lower branches complete:

Needle pulling and balancing complete, and moss cleaned up:

Night shot shows the profile nicely:

Since it had grown considerably after it was wired last, it was time to remove the wires and prepare it to wire again. Wires removed, and soil top-dressed:

Now the tree is ready for a new round of wiring…which was done by Bjorn at Eisei-en in early February. Here is the result of this round:

The plan is to allow the lower branches to continue extending to accent the trunk:

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