Hawthorn Spring Cleaning

The hawthorn was repotted in March, and allowed to grow freely until early May.

Based on no scientific study, only observation, fungicides seem to inhibit the explosive growth these trees can be known for. Foliage growth anyway, nothing seems to thicken up the trunks and branches.

But as a result of withholding fungicides, growth was good…both foliage and fungal. Before starting any work:

And a few shots of some of the fungal activity:

Note the swelling at the base of the shoot? Not only does this cedar-Apple fungus form at the base of the shoots…
The fungus also forms on the tips of spurs…instead of flowers…
Closer shot of the fungal spores developing on the leaves. Black spurs develop on the top and bottom of the yellow spots eventually.
Also found a few happy families of aphids.

After pruning it back, here is the final result, with a light and dark background…and finally, a dark night shot.

From that distance, you kind of forget the fungal issues. But the next step was to remove all the galls and as many infected leaves as I could, and then douse the whole thing with Mancozeb. And then I’ll watch for effectiveness, and any impact on growth.

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