2022 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show, pt. 1

It was our first show since 2019, and it was great to see everyone again, along with the beautiful bonsai that were shown. Enjoy some photos.

Native hackberry from seed, over 30 years old.
Large import JBP, Gyouzan pot. For scale, the table is 6’ wide.
Cascade Korean hornbeam, cotoneaster.
Large exposed root Satsuki, worm eaten Yamaaki pot. Awarded Best in Show.
Old Japanese maple. Note detail of bark in the shot below.
My exposed root Kinsai Satsuki.
Ginkgo showing deadwood.
Twin trunk hornbeam, once part of the club’s collection.
Graceful Japanese maple.
Enormous arakawa Japanese maple.
My Stewartia monadelpha.
Cascade Natal plum.
Large, very nice trident maple.
Crape myrtle.
Pitcher plant accent.
My Japanese black pine, still looking good after Nationals.
Pseudolarix left, cascade Japanese maple, awarded people’s choice. We had over 1200 ballots cast!
One of few Satsuki azaleas in a show normally overrun with them. A cool spring slowed them down this year.
Old imported Japanese Maple twin trunk.

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