Summer cleanup of an Itoigawa

I repotted this tree in March, after basically giving it a year off in 2021. It had lost a few branches in the back, I think a very delayed response to leaving wire on too long several years ago. The rest of the tree is healthy, and in time, it will be easy to perform a good “comb over” to fill in the space in the back.

For now, I wanted to clean up the tree to enjoy looking at it again, after all it is one of my favorite trees. Before:

After pruning downward-growing shoots, and trimming the strongest runners.
One lower right side branch was wired back into the profile, otherwise the tree has no other wires at the moment.

And reviewing the photo above, it appeared to want a little scrubbing down, so the trunk was scrubbed with a toothbrush, and a 50% diluted lime sulfur solution was painted onto the deadwood.


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