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Erodium accent in a Tofukuji pot

Erodium has long been a favorite accent plant of mine. Especially when they start to show a little trunk. This one has been in a pot for a few years now


Watch for pests!

This tree was clean on Monday, and I didn’t pay much attention to it when I was back in town, other than to think it was looking slightly puny…leaves seemed like they weren’t quite getting enough water, so I watered it in the afternoon and didn’t pay it any closer attention. Friday evening, some black spots caught my eye and it was clear this maple was loaded with aphids. Wow!

Pay close attention every day, and get to know your trees well enough that if a glance tells you something might be just a bit off, investigate quickly!

This tree got nuked with Malathion, which will have been rinsed off by the time you read this.

Take it a step further. If aphids are popping up in this maple, are they hitting other maples? Let’s take a look at the maple a couple benches down…

Fortunately, they’re easy to kill, but easy to return. Stay vigilant my friends.

2019 ginkgo repot

I started this from seed in 1997, just a few years after I started the hobby. It’s definitely the tree that I’ve owned for the longest time, and I have been determined to train it only by pruning…no wiring.

The base is fattening up nicely, and I’ve repotted every year since it was dug from the ground around 2013. Each year the vigor has settled down a little more. For the first few years, the roots had pushed the tree up nearly twice the height of the original planting position.

Here is the starting point this year:


Combed out…


Combed out again, and any downward-growing roots were also removed.

Then roots combed outward…

Secured into the pot…

Akadama and lava worked in…

Watered in…