Zuisho Japanese White Pine Progression pt. 2

After growing out a 2-year old graft for the last 15 years, it was time to start thinking about training, and make some decisions on direction.

It was tricky to finally jump in. The lowest whorl consists of 3 branches. Eventually one would need to go. My original plan was to go with the Zuisho’s tendency to produce a long low branch. Some of the old bonsai magazines show this, and it was always intriguing.

I took it to Bjorn’s in November 2021 and we decided to keep all 3 branches for now. The right branch would become that long character branch, the left branch would become almost a second trunk, and the back branch stays for now, to add depth.

The chop made a few years earlier needs to be carved out a little to improve the transition.

While the trunk isn’t as fat as I want it to ultimately end up, it is clearly thickening in a pot, so our work won’t stop that progress. Additionally, the branches are beginning to fatten up, so we decided it was time to begin setting some branches while it was still relatively easy.

A shot mid-way up wiring out the tree. Here the right branch is wired out and the left branch is set to become a second trunk.

Work finished for the year.

January ‘22
Spring ‘22, candles showing extension at the strongest areas of the tree.
Early fall, strong candles trimmed back to begin establishing balance.
Early fall ‘22. Wires are digging in, so they need to be removed.
Late September ‘22
Moss needs to be removed. Notice the lens cap for scale…the trunk is starting to fatten up nicely, and noticeably each year.
Moss removed, exposing the nicely spreading root structure. The graft is perfectly executed to transition from roots to first branches.
Unwired, and soji complete. Next up, some light pruning and rewiring.