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Posts from the ‘Exhibitions’ Category

Some fall color shots

Rain followed by several days of sunshine has produced some very nice fall colors in the garden. Here are a few shots of the show.

Shohin Clump-style Japanese Maple in a Koyo pot:

Chishio Improved Japanese Maple in a Yamaaki pot:

Root over rock trident maple in an Ino pot:

Shohin crabapple in a Roy Minerai pot:

Hawthorn in a Suishoen pot:

Arakawa Japanese Maple in an old Yozan pot:

Ginkgo in an old Heian Kouso pot:

And a little display of fall colors…


Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show 2018 part 7

One last from the show, this times, the suiseki display. New posts starting next week.

Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show 2018 part 6

Shohin displays; only 2 this year, and it would be great to see this area of our show expand over time.

And some accents: