Alabama Bonsai Society History: 1948 Ginkgo

This club-owned ginkgo came from Brussel’s in 1988, for the price of $500. Here is the record:




In 1992, it was shown at the BCI international convention in Memphis. If memory serves, Masahiko Kimura was there too. As were several west-coast artists, including John Naka and Ben Oki.

I have had the privilege of caring for this tree for a couple years, as have several club members. Here is the tree, nearly 30 years later, as an almost 70 year old tree in 2015:

At some point in the past, the central leader was removed, perhaps as a styling decision, or maybe it died. Unfortunate, but the remaining tree is still quite nice, and at 32″ tall, still a large bonsai.

And a shot from spring 2016:


Alabama Bonsai Society History: Six degrees of separation, John Naka

My wife mentioned that our daughter’s good friend has a bonsai connection in her family. Turns out, her friend’s grandfather purchased and donated a bunch of bonsai trees in honor of his mother. Recently, I started digitizing our club’s records, and found a few records showing some of the donated trees:


A few of those trees came from John Naka himself:

Via Brussel’s, of course!


Here is a shot from around 1983, when Mr. Naka visited the Alabama Bonsai Society, and the trident forest he created 8 years earlier:



Be sure to come join us for our annual Spring Bonsai Show, today and tomorrow at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Of course, if you miss it, count on seeing some photos here over the next few weeks!