Stewartia fall work

This tree has been in a pot for two growing seasons now, and is coming along well.

And with the leaves now gone:

Areas that are a bit too heavy can be addressed.

A little wire, to keep it looking fairly natural, and the work for the fall is nearly done. The apex needs to be moved just a bit to the right.

A guy-wire should do the trick:

Subtle, but necessary for good balance.

Fall work on a Shohin trident maple

The fall color was really nice, due to mild weather and no early freezes like we had last year.

And with the leaves now gone, we can work on the structure a bit.

Remove strong secondaries, upward- and downward-growing shoots, and crossing branches.

The results:

I’m still sorting out the apex, and will allow the lower branches to widen just a bit more over time. For now, I’m happy with the progress.