Quick update on Corkbark Japanese Black Pine, ‘Taihei’

Since we negotiated terms, this pine has grown better. I don’t decandle it in the summer, I don’t wire every branch, and I don’t repot it often. For it, the tree stays healthy and looks generally decent.

However, I do trim strong shoots, remove dead needles, and pull downward-hanging needles in the fall. Here are a few shots of the minimal work done, per our terms and conditions.

Before any work done on the tree in a year
Old dead needles pulled from the interior
A few downward-facing needles removed, along with a few strong shoots which were trimmed back to a more proximal bud.

And after the grueling 30 minutes of work:

Done for now.

In the spring, I may do a little more wiring in the upper right side of the tree…and I may not.

Obligatory snow shot, 1/3/22

This tree originally came from Dave DeWire, out in the Seattle area. Dave was a collector of corkbark JBP cultivars and freely shared his knowledge with me when I was obsessed with the different cultivars. Dave died in March 2021, and will be missed in the corkbark JBP corner of the bonsai world. RIP.

Photo credit: https://conifersociety.org/news/mainely-niwaki/

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