Losing trees: Pyracantha problems persist

I’m resigned to lose this tree, but I’m not giving up just yet.  I have unscientifically diagnosed ithwith Fusarium wilt, and have been treating it with MycoStop.  The left trunk died last year, and the fungicide treatments seem to have only slowed down the advancement.  The right side is now showing symptoms too; mostly on the lowest back branch.

But, some upper branches are showing the telltale signs of yellowing leaf veins:

So, another round of branch removal…

And it still looks nice from a distance.  Maybe I’ll get another year or two to enjoy it:


Fall cleanup on a corkbark JBP

This one is fussy, maybe it’s the cultivar; Kyokko Yatsabusa, or just the fact it’s a corkbark black pine.  I pruned and wired it out in 2014, and it’s taken all of the last 4 growing seasons to strengthen to a point where light pruning was an option again.  An aggressive fungicide regime has all but eradicated needle cast, and the black aphids draining an occasional needle aren’t decimating it.  

I do not do summer candle-cutting on this tree, but instead, allow it to grow, and then thin buds and pull needles in the fall.  Here is the mid summer shot:

And after simply pulling downward-facing needles, and thinning some congested shoots, and a few strands of #14 wire to coax a few 2-year old shoots into position, here is the result:

If the upper right area continues to fill in, and I can get the first left branch pulled down just a few more degrees, I think I’ll be satisfied to just feed and water it, and spend a couple hours each fall tidying it up.