A Kimura California Juniper

I’ve been admiring Kimora’s work since my earliest days of Bonsai, and it wasn’t until I was standing in front of this California Juniper that I realized I have never seen his work in person. This is a big and dynamic tree.


A Sam Miller Pot

As I write this in early January 2018, the pot doesn’t yet exist. Only a brief exchange between Sam (Intermountain Bonsai) and me, and an agreement that it would be made. The pot was commissioned for this ume, which has lived in this Tokoname pot by Touyou for the last 6-7 years.

Looking through Sam’s Intermountain Bonsai images, the four I sent him as my vision for the pot were two for the shape:

And two for the glaze:

I told him I was trying to replicate an antique Chinese Namako container, about 13.5″x4″ deep.

Now, fast forward to the result…

And the repot…

Thanks Sam, well-done!

“Peter Warren JBP” 2017 Update part 1

Quick history; bought this one back in 2009 from Brussel’s.  My son was less than 2 when I brought it home:

Here is the front:

Spring 2011, it has been allowed to grow freely.

Peter Warren did a demo with the tree in 4/11:

With a little help from my daughter…

Peter returned that fall for another round of work.  Here is a shot a couple years later in 2013:

It was repotted into its first bonsai pot in 2014, and I started working on pushing the growth back toward the trunk, and replacing heavy branches with finer ones.  Early 2015:

Late summer 2016:

After thinning, pruning, and wiring in spring 2017:

And repotting to a deeper and forward-leaning planting angle, although it still needs to lean more to the right, but that part of the root ball needs to be reduced in stages, so it leans a bit left now:

Growing well in early May: