Happy Sweet 16 to my first “apprentice”

Happy birthday to my dear sweet baby girl.  She’s been along on this Bonsai ride her whole life.

At 2 she slept through much of the (then)Wayerhauser collection near Seattle:

At 4, she was heavily involved in carving with power tools with Mr. Ron…or at least the contemplation and conversation just following:

And at 6, she was making sure Mr. Ron properly prepared wire for a nice Yamafusa pot while repotting the hawthorn:

By 9, she’s helping Sir Peter Warren prune a black pine during a demonstration:

Showing little brother how to Prune Shimpaku by 11:

And repotting Shimpaku by 13:

Then, the Bonsai pix drop off for a while…must be that teenager thing.  Instead, we’re baking cupcakes with a Grandma Donna.  

It goes fast.  See those keys on the counter….?


4 thoughts on “Happy Sweet 16 to my first “apprentice”

  1. Well done. I have no idea how WeeMac will turn out….and with me guiding the ship?
    Happy to see all are in good health, the kids at least!!! Heheheeee……
    Give yourself a pat on the back!

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