Alabama Bonsai Society 2018 Spring Show

Karin and Anika did an outstanding job again this year. Kathy Shaner was our show arranger and judge, who is constantly teaching and is a treat to spend time with.

Our show is judged by experience level (0-3 years, 3-5 years, and >5 years), then by tree variety, with some additional awards for tropical, ROR, Penjing, and honorable mentions.

Here are the results of this year’s show.

Novice Class

Fruiting/flowering. Satsuki Azalea:

Intermediate Class

First place deciduous, trident maple:

Second place deciduous, Korean Hornbeam:

First place broadleaf evergreen, Kingsville boxwood:

Experienced Class

First place deciduous and Best In Show, laceleaf Japanese Maple:

Second place deciduous, weeping willow:

First place evergreen, Japanese Black Pine:

Second place evergreen, Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper:

First place broadleaf evergreen, Kingsville boxwood:

Second place broadleaf evergreen, Korean boxwood:

First place flowering/fruiting, Satsuki Azalea, Kinsai:

Second place fruiting/flowering, Satsuki Azalea:

First place Root-over-rock, trident maple:

Second place Root-Over-rock, trident maple:

First place tropical, pomegranate:

First place penjing (used loosely here), Japanese maple:

Second place penjing, Kingsville boxwood:

First place shohin display:

Second place shohin display:

Honorable mentions:

Trident maple over a bust:

Japanese maple:

2 thoughts on “Alabama Bonsai Society 2018 Spring Show

  1. JBP over your shimp? Are you being judged against yourself here, or what? My two-trunk JBP looks as good/better. And nowhere close to your Ito…..what the hell?!?! I recall you mentioning Kathy’s thoughts on the JM. Not sure I agree with “best in show”, but what do I know? Your shimp was better.
    Thanks for the share and have a lip-smackin’ day!!!

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