A year in the life of a Ginkgo

Last year, I tried this Ino Shukuho pot for the ginkgo. It was significantly undersized, but I though I could make it work.

Here is is in winter 2021.

Repotted into this Sara Rayner pot in March 2022
Late May 2022
October 2022

Clearly the tree had a weak growing season. Really the only difference was the too-small pot used last year. It will be interesting to see if next year is stronger. I will not repot it in 2023 and hope for a strong recovery.

Fall color

After leaf drop, I cleaned up the tree, lightly pruning the few extension shoots.

Since this tree has been grown exclusively through clip and grow, pruning to outward-facing buds is important for the structure.
Additionally, some of the long and straight internodes are allowed to remain for fullness, but will eventually be replaced with other branches in the area with shorter internodes.
Moss, while pretty, needs to be removed from the trunk to prevent too much moisture retention.
Finally, a shot of the tree cleaned up and ready for winter.

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