Repotting 2023

Things are moving early this year, so repotting started in earnest today. Here are a couple…the Kinsai wasn’t on the docket until a sudden wind storm knocked it off the bench and broke the nice large Bunzan pot.

The pot was my first Koyo, production grade porcelain bought on eBay maybe 15 years ago, but a nice glaze and shape.

The hawthorn is really leafing out, and last year, I didn’t do a full repot, just a heavy ‘soji’, removing about half the soil, and replacing it, but not actually repotting the tree. The result was good drainage last year, but remarkable root growth.

Lots of roots lapping the bottom
Combed out and heavily reduced
Cleaned out and pruned back again
Situated and secured into the pot
New soil worked in

The pot is a Shuho, a good fit for the composition.


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