Lazy Trident Maple, or Don’t ever give up!

This one took a snap frost last November which zapped all the leaves,

And I didn’t think much of it at the time. But by mid-March, all the other trees were growing except this trident.

By April, everything was ready for a haircut (including me…after a month of Corona quarantine)

A cambium check suggested the tree was still alive, so I kept it in shade, and treated it like it was still alive, watering and feeding it. Until finally, on April 25, fully 6 weeks later than the torch tridents, I noticed suddenly the buds had broken:

April 30:

Strange to see Kurume azaleas finishing blooming, Satsukis starting, and a bare trident a month them.

May 15…breathing a sigh of relief now…

2 thoughts on “Lazy Trident Maple, or Don’t ever give up!

  1. These are fantastic. And better still, they are alive!! Makes me wonder about the three I “killed”. I wonder if I had still kept on watering they would have lived. Overprotected the first couple of years, they would leaf out far too early. Tried to house with my other trees and they never woke up!! I’m really appreciating the taller one!!

    Haircut? I’ll be reprising the Sam Elliot role from ‘Roahouse’, greys and all!!

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