Prunus Mume, year in the life

Hello. It’s been a few weeks, but I have turned my attention back to bonsai a little bit, and that means sharing some recent work here. I’ll try to add a post every week or two through the rest of the year, but in honesty, I have not been working on trees much lately. This is a time of year, fortunately, that you can take your foot off the gas just a little (JBP excluded) and focus on other things…like kid’s sports, visiting family, enjoying some college football, and even building a new business. All of which have taken a priority to bonsai recently. It will be an interesting study, to see the impact of a nearly “fallow” year in the bonsai garden. Although I did show a couple trees at Nationals, and did work on several trees fairly intensely this year, most of the trees were ignored and allowed to grow largely unchecked this year. We’ll see next year if that helped or hurt any.

Anyway, this post is nearly a year in the making, starting with a shot in January 2021 and following the work on this nursery stock Ume over the course of this year. Spoiler alert, I think it was a good year for the tree!

I started 2021 pruning and wiring the tree, January 2021:

January 2021, before pruning, wiring, and first bonsai pot
Early March, after repotting into its first real bonsai pot, a beautiful Shuho.
First pruning of the year
Late May, second flush
Pruned back a second time, wires removed

Pruned again in mid June (no photo)

Late July, lightly wired a few branches into place for use later.

In early November, the leaves were beginning to turn, so they were removed, along with the wires to get a look into the progress from the year:

I lightly pruned and rewired the tree.

And here is the beginning and end comparison. In all, it was a good year. I want to keep foliage close to the trunk, keep the tree growing strongly, and it would be great to see a few flowers in January of 2023.

Thanks for reading. Soon, some fall color and maybe a Kiyozuru update…

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